What Is Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution For Your Business?

What is your 2018 New Year’s Resolution for your Business?

Finally, the year of 2018 is upon us! In the last 12 months, there were…

Succession Planning – Guess Who’s Controlling The Exit Strategies For Your Business??

Succession Planning – Guess who’s controlling the Exit Strategies for Your Business??

Control is a key factor in business succession. If you do not control your business…

5 Things You Need To Know As A Medical Practitioner Owner

5 things you need to know as a Medical Practitioner Owner

Running a Medical Practice (MP) is financially rewarding but sometimes can be challenging and frustrating…

A New Withholding Tax Nightmare On Property Purchases From 1 July 2016

A New Withholding Tax Nightmare on Property Purchases from 1 July 2016

Thinking about buying your dream home for $2million or more? Beware of the new tax…

Small Business Grant – $2,000 Per New Position In NSW

Small Business Grant – $2,000 per new position in NSW

A new small business employment incentive grant of up to $2,000 is available to non-payroll…

Foreigners Buying Australian Properties Have Come To The End?

Foreigners Buying Australian Properties Have Come to The End?

“I’m so stressed. I have 9 properties settling in the next few weeks and none of…

A Life Well Lived Is Worth Protecting

A Life Well Lived Is Worth Protecting

No two lives will ever be lived the same way, but the one universal truth…

3 Things You Need To Know If You Are Foreign Residents Who Are Thinking Of Selling Your Australian Property

3 things you need to know if you are foreign residents who are thinking of selling your Australian property

 If you are a foreign resident, here are 3 important things you should know if…

5 Things You Must Do In Preparation For A Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Transaction

5 Things You Must Do In Preparation For A Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Transaction

  It seems that 2015 has been a busy year for mergers and acquisitions. This…

Leaving Australia For Work? Beware Of Your Tax Residency Status

Leaving Australia for work? Beware of your tax residency status

Thousands of Australians head offshore each year to expand their horizons and a lucky few…

5 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing A Mortgage Advisor & Product

5 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing A Mortgage Advisor & Product

Choosing a mortgage product may seem pretty straight forward these days as there are over…

Mother Has Lost Over $200k Super Benefits – 3 Things You Must Know About Your Super!

Mother has lost over $200k super benefits – 3 things you must know about your super!

The general rule is that superannuation is not part of your estate unless you expressly…

Financial Advice: What’s Deductible, What’s Not

Financial advice: What’s deductible, what’s not

The cherry on top of your sensible decision to obtain quality tax planning or investment…

Small Business CGT Concessions, Common Errors

Small business CGT concessions, common errors

Small businesses may be eligible for various concessional treatments for transactions that involve capital gains…

The Small Business Concessions

The small business concessions

The small business sector has variously been described as the engine room of the economy…

SMSFs: Note That Trauma Insurance Is Not Allowed After July 1, 2014

SMSFs: Note that trauma insurance is not allowed after July 1, 2014

From July 1, 2014, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can only provide an insured benefit…

How To Turn Tax Into More Superannuation

How to turn tax into more superannuation

Because of the way that tax is applied to superannuation, savvy employees can actually turn…

Common Errors Of New Rental Property Owners

Common errors of new rental property owners

Putting your money into bricks and mortar has been a traditional stalwart of investing for…

SMSF Compliance Regime For The Upcoming Year

SMSF compliance regime for the upcoming year

This year, the Tax Office will be turning its attention to the following emerging risks…

Deceased Estates: Some Essential Information

Deceased estates: Some essential information

Unfortunately, having to deal with managing a deceased estate is a task many of us…

Measures Set To Kick Off On July 1, 2014

Measures set to kick off on July 1, 2014

It is prudent that taxpayers prepare thoroughly for the changes that are certainly going ahead,…

SMSF Trustees Take Note: The New Penalty Regime Is Now In Force

SMSF trustees take note: The new penalty regime is now in force

We reported about the changes to the penalties able to be handed down to self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)
All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

All you need to know about Bitcoin

Lauded for its convenience and lack of dependence on a central authority as much as it is derided for its unpredictability and the anonymity it grants criminals, global digital phenomenon Bitcoin is spreading to every corner of the world and transforming the very essence of monetary transactions. The question is however,is it safe to use Bitcoin in business transactions and what are the tax implications of doing so? A few things to keep in mind are:
Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset Is Phasing Out

Net medical expenses tax offset is phasing out

Draft legislation was introduced in the 2013 budget to phase out  the net medical expense…

Trusts 101: What Are They, And How Do They Work?

Trusts 101: What are they, and how do they work?

One of the big motivations for considering using a trust will be to protect assets. Property and other assets can be moved into a trust for protection from creditors, to maintain an estate until a beneficiary becomes old
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