Since I started engaging Linton Solutions 8 years ago, understanding my business structure and tax affairs has never been simpler! Caxton is very capable and knowledgeable accountant/business adviser who gives great practical business and tax advice. Having to deal with two major business restructures recently, I was thankful that Caxton was there to assist me so that I could achieve the best outcomes from a CGT and commercial value perspective. Caxton genuinely cares for his client’s financial affairs at heart and endeavours to guide them through their journey to success.Since knowing Caxton, I have peace of mind for the growth of my business. We meet up on a regular basis to go through my business issues. Whether it is related to the interim group review, tax planning or a specific tax advice, he always presents data and information in a simplistic approach that is easy to understand and comprehend, thus enabling me to set goals that are attainable to make my business grow even further. He is very methodical and professional with his presentation skill. I have recommended friends and families to him and no one has been disappointed. I have nothing but appraisal for his dedication to his client’s financial well-being.

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