Rejected Mortgage Application Rectified!

Your complex business structure sometimes might proof to be a hindrance in terms of home loan applications.

This happened to one of my business owner clients who was already a sophisticated property investor when seeking to expand his investment portfolio.

Key Points

  • Peter’s initial application was rejected but he already signed the sales contract with $200,000 deposit.
  • We reviewed and refined his business structure.
  • We clearly demonstrated his business structure to the bank.
  • Peter’s application was finally approved so he could proceed with purchase.
  • Peter’s risk of forfeiting the deposit was eliminated. He saved time and money.
  • Peter walked out with a new streamlined business structure which gave him peace of mind.

Peter’s Case

Peter held one owner-occupied property and two investment properties. He was actively looking for a new investment property at that time.

However, while he is proven to be a savvy property investor, his complex business structure was not communicated properly by his previous broker. As a result, the lender raised many issues and concerns which could not be interpreted or explained properly by the previous broker due to his lacking Accounting, Taxation and Business advisory experiences.

To make things worse, before getting the loan approval Peter already found an ideal investment property and exchanged contract with the vendor.


In Capton Finance, every case is unique. We quickly identified the root of the problem. Then we reviewed and refined Peter’s business structure within reasonable budget.

We re-approached the banks and give them clear demonstration of Peter’s business in terms of how much he made and what he owned.

We also negotiated with other lenders to provide Peter with a timely and economical borrowing strategy.

After partnering with Capton Finance, not only did he accomplish the purchase with successful loan approval, but also streamlined his complex business structure for future use.

Peter saved time and money after dealing with us. Most importantly he could proceed with purchasing his ideal investment choice without forfeiting his $200,000 deposit.

Our holistic service and personal approach solved his urgent needs and protected his interest, so he can have the time to focus on his personal and business goals.

Of course, every case is different. If you believe you can benefit from our holistic business services, please contact our office on 02 9299 4520 to speak to our teams in Linton Advisory Group.

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